Top 3 Best Goetic Demons to Summon for Love

Top 3 Best Goetic Demons to Summon for Love

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 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we would take a moment from our regular routine here at Goetic Impressions to bring you a special post on a few Goetic entities that are particularly suited to romantic endeavors. I won’t be going into detail on all of them, but I wanted to pick out a few of the best (in my own experience, of course your own relationships with these spirits may vary widely from mine!)

What is Love Magick?

Love Magick Is Not...

Before I jump into the spirits themselves I want to take a moment to talk a little bit about love magick in general. Love magick will work best in a few circumstances. First, you are not enchanting for a specific person to fall in love with you or be attracted to you, but instead are working your rituals with a broader desire to manifest love or a relationship with a partner that you will vibe with. Trying to overpower another with a love spell directly, while it can occasionally work, tends to result in catastrophic consequences for your relationship with that individual, aside from the moral and ethical concerns it raises, in short please don’t do it.

Love Magick Is

Second love magick is going to work best when you are putting yourself in situations where your results have a vector for manifestation. What I mean by this is if you are enchanting to find a perfect partner, but you also never leave your house and go places to meet people, your magick will have to be very powerful indeed to just conjure your perfect match appearing on your doorstep. You will have a much easier time if you are also going to the places where your ideal partner might be, engaging in social situations and trying to meet people, and also if you yourself are making an effort to be the sort of person someone *else* might be trying to manifest as their ideal partner! With how many lonely people there are out there you might be shocked at the number of them trying to manifest *you* in their life, but you need to go out there and let their magick grab you as well!

Manifesting a Partner

If you are just starting out or have not worked with Goetic entities previously, you might want to check out some of our past thoughts on the basics of how to get started working with Goetic spirits before you jump right in. Additionally daily practice (in whatever specific form that takes for you) will lead to better results when working with Goetic entities over time.

So with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about some demons.

Sitri Sigil Hearts

1. Sitri

Sitri is a Prince, which means that his planetary alignment is of Jupiter. That means he has a number of affinities you would normally associate with Jupiter and Jupitarian entities. He resonates with the color blue, the number four, and incense like cedar.

Prince Sitri is said to enflame people with love, but in practical terms Sitri is a spirit of lust - quick and intense feelings that burn themselves out quickly. If you are looking for a one night stand Sitri is a great spirit to evoke, but if you are looking for a lasting relationship you might find that the connections you manifest through Sitri burn themselves out quickly.

I want to add a caveat here that Goetic entities are all very powerful beings with a wide array of abilities that don’t appear in any spirit catalog, Sitri (and the other spirits I am about to discuss) all can do a large number of things not listed in the Lesser Key (or your grimoire of choice) but they also each have things they excel and specialize at, which is mostly what I will be discussing today.

If you want to work with Sitri we offer a range of tools, including his sigil medallion, candles, and a ceremonial ritual that has been tried and tested, similar tools are available for the next two demons we are about to discuss as well.

Prince Sitri Associations


Recommended Tools for working with Sitri

 Beleth Sigil Hearts

2. Beleth

    Beleth is a King, which in Goetic terms means he has an incredible amount of power, even more than most Goetic entities. Goetic Kings can be likened to lesser deities in their own right, rather than lumped in with the rest of the lower ranked spirits. However they also tend to be more difficult to work with as a result, so if you want to approach Beleth for a love working I would recommend you have some experience with some of the other Goetic spirits first. (Of course it is also possible that you will immediately click with Beleth as well, but having a bit of experience beforehand would be a plus regardless, King Beleth is more likely to respect you as a practitioner if you respect his station by waiting until you are ready to try to work with him.)

    Goetic Kings are associated with the sun, gold, the number six, and the east (the direction of the rising sun). Working with them can be difficult, but is also very rewarding.

    He is said to cause ‘all the love that may be’ between people, which tends to work better toward longer lasting relationships. Keep in mind that working with Beleth tends more toward the permanent, so don’t work with him if you want a quick fling! He also would not be pleased if he put in the work for you to help find you a partner and then you tried to end that relationship early. If you are working with him, be prepared for a long term situation!

    King Beleth Associations


    Recommended Tools for working with Beleth

    Dantalion Sigil Hearts

      3. Dantalion

        Dantalion is the easiest of these three to work with, and I have worked with Dantalion for years and cannot recommend him enough, so in a sense I have saved the best for last on this post (no disrespect at all to Sitri or Beleth, they are great spirits to work with as well, but neither has been as rewarding for me as my work with Dantalion.)

        Dantalion is a Duke, which in Goetic terms means he is associated with the planet Venus, also incidentally the planet most associated with powers of love and persuasion, which makes him a great fit for love workings right off the bat before we get to his particular talents. Dukes are associated with the metal copper, the color green, and the number seven.

        When it comes to love, Duke Dantalion is adept at forging any sort of relationship, long term, short term, etc. He is very easy to evoke and work with, but he will also appear differently each time you contact him and wears many different forms and shapes (he may not even be a ‘he’ at all in fact, but it is very difficult to get a firm answer on this one way or another.)

        I have had the best success in working with Dantalion on Friday’s, usually in the morning before noon. He likes offerings of roses and red wine, and anything else that might be traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day (chocolate is great for him too!) which makes him sort of the ideal Goetic spirit to evoke around this time if you are looking for a connection by the day itself.

        Duke Dantalion Associations

        Recommended Tools for working with Dantalion

        There we go, those are three of the best Goetic spirits to work with if you are seeking love, best of luck to all with your romantic encounters this Valentine’s Day!

        ~Ben, from Goetic Impressions

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