About Us

Goetic Impressions began as a collaboration between lifelong occultist Frater Adamasto (Ben) and graphic designer extraordinaire, and occasional dabbler in the forces of darkness, Alara. We began with a Kickstarter in early 2019 for our Goetic Ritual Medallions, that was ultimately fully funded. In the months ahead we hope to bring you a wide range of eclectic products and projects suited for the needs of the solitary witch or warlock.

Frater Adamasto and Alara are both regular practitioners of Goetic Ritual magick, in addition to personal practices ranging from Sigil magick, to Gris-Gris, to Root work, to Hoodoo. They are both initiated members of Ordo Templi Orientis, and between them have a wealth of knowledge of the metaphysical ranging across cultures, traditions, and religions. Together they create a new and refreshing take on ritual accurate occult supplies and accessories.

Ben D. (Frater Adamasto)

Owner - CEO (Chief Evocation Officer)

Lifelong student of occult mysteries, Ben is the resident expert on the technical aspects of all Goetic Impressions projects.

Alara S.

Co-Owner - COO (Chief Occult Officer)

Collector of bones and embracer of Darkness. Lead artist and designer of Goetic Impressions projects. Might possibly be packing your order right now.