Frequently Answered Questions

  • What is the Difference Between Magus, Adept and Initiate?

The Options are based on quality/grade and additional features for the item. Each item may have slightly different additions so please check the product page for more information. But the options are as follows:

  1. Magus, premium or high grade item with additional features such as necklace attachment and gift box.
  2. Adept, a premium quality item with little to no surface defects or blemishes.
  3. Initiate, lower grade item with some minor to moderate defects and infill issues. These still look great and come at a sizable discount!

There is typically no difference in Magus/Adept other then Magus comes with a gift box and necklace attached for Goetic Medallions. Many people haven't noticed any difference in Initiate quality items and function just as well as the other qualities. We are just very critical in inspecting our items.

  • Are the seals made with the proper metals?

Currently all of our medallions are brass plated by default. Brass is a decent substitute for the specific metals involved for ritual purposes. Experienced occultists have worked with our medallions (including ourselves!) and found them to be up to snuff when performing a Goetic evocation. That being said, we are upgrading many of our medallions with additional options of gold, copper, and silver. We do not currently offer anything in lead, mercury, iron or tin.


  • Are the seals made at the proper hours?

We try to do everything on or as close to the correct planetary hour, however this is not always possible. That being said, the planetary correspondences were added to Goetic practice by S.L. Mathers and the Golden Dawn in an effort to 'unify' western occult practices. While there is a lot of value in the work they did, the hours are not intrinsically a necessary part of the system (at least not in the way that they were adapted by the Golden Dawn).

    • Care Instructions

    1. Medallions are not meant for every day wear, so please handle with care. Plating may tarnish over time so avoid humid environments or prolonged skin contact. Oils and lotions may also expedite tarnishing. Using a soft microfiber cloth when needed should remove most tarnishes.

    2. Ritual mats are made of a vinyl material and are water resistant, flame-retardant and durable. We recommend to NEVER fold your mat, and to roll it up to prevent creasing. (If you don't mind the creases) Use a non abrasive damp soft cloth to wipe off any debris. Do not scrub as it may damage the image. We also recommend using the shipping box to store your mat.

    3. Ritual Circles are made of polyester fabric and are not flame resistant, use care when used around candles. Can be machine washed cold and air or low heat dried.

    4. Altar Cloths are made from a polyester fabric and are machine washable. Wash cold and hang to dry. They are not flame resistant, use care when used around candles. Avoid oils, if oil spill/stains occur, use dry cleaners.

    • Why is your resource page hidden?

    We figured if we had to go searching for *knowledge* then we encourage others to do so as well, as doing that initial work is important for any magical journey. Like all secret mystical things, it's hidden in plain sight and almost unavoidable when you know it's there.

    • I have a custom design, can you make it for me?

    We currently are not accepting custom orders at this time, but feel free to message us with ideas you would like to see in the future.

    • Do your packages come discreetly?

    While our packages are regular mailers or brown packages, our company name is on the shipping label. Most muggles can't pronounce Goetic and glancing at it will think it has something to do with rocks or something.  However - please note on international shipping, item names may appear on custom forms, we try our best to mask these items but it is sometimes not always possible.  If you have any concerns please message us or leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to make it as generic as possible.


    • An item is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

    While we do try to have some of our more popular items always in stock, it is not always possible. We are constantly working on new projects and ideas to bring you essential tools and accessories.  If we do find a particular item is more popular we will consider restocking them, but there is no guarantees. So be sure to get them when you can!


    • Do you do consecrations?

    Yes! Items will be consecrated via a specialized ritual to prepare them for use in your rituals at home. Ben, from Goetic Impressions performs all consecrations personally using the first and second Enochian Keys. Use this service only if you want your items from Goetic Impressions to arrive consecrated, and not if you intend to consecrate them yourself. Please allow and additional 1-2 days for any consecrations.

    • Do you have an Affiliate Program? 

    Yes! Here are some of the highlights of the program:


    • Earn 10% commissions for qualifying purchases.
    • Give a 10% coupon code to your friends and followers.
    • Payments are to be made via Paypal, or Store Gift Card.
    • Payout threshold must meet $100.
    For more information and sign up check out the Affiliate Program