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Lesser Key of Solomon Magickal Circle and Triangle Complete Set

Lesser Key of Solomon Magickal Circle and Triangle Complete Set

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Call up the power of the 72 Goetia demons with this fully colored new and improved summoning circle bundle, with options for an added Magickal Triangle of Solomon and candle disks perfect for your goetic spirit workings. All items have been crafted with diligence for working with the Goetia, as described in the 1904 The Lesser Key of Solomon by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley.

Please note: We have made some slight changes to the design, for a list of the changes and an explanation behind them please watch this video.

New and Improved Features


  • Thick Soft Polyester Fabric
  • Available in 3ft, 5ft, 7ft or 9ft diameter 
  • Hebrew or Latin Variants
  • Machine Wash Cold, Dry Delicate Cycles
  • Durable Hemmed Stitching
  • Crisp Clean Design
  • Easy Folding for Storage and Portability


  • Sturdy Thick Acrylic Board
  • Measures 12"x13.25"
  • Magus Medallion Compatibility (Or any necklace with adjuster to hold in place)
  • Reflective Surface for Easy Scrying
  • Writable/Erasable Surface for Dry Erase Sigil Action
  • Lay Flat or Standing Design
  • Portable

Candle Disks

  • Included with all Complete Set options
  • 4" Diameter
  • Ceramic
  • Heat Resistant
  • Cork Padding
  • Full Color
  • Perfect for 3" wide Candles
  • Set of 4 with holder

(Please never leave candles unattended)

You can also purchase the Triangle of Solomon separately.

At Goetic Impressions we have been working with the Goetic Spirits for nearly two decades, and we used our experience with this Work when designing our circle and triangle. The circle is designed primarily with the intention of Goetic evocation, but it will also function for use with a wide range of spirits from virtually all traditions.

Options include circle size of your choice, and/or triangle and set of coasters.

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