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Triangle of Solomon

Triangle of Solomon

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The Triangle of Solomon is used for manifesting spirits in the Lesser Key of Solomon. The triangle is typically accompanied by the Magickal Circle of Solomon but can be used separately.

Our Triangle of Solomon is uniquely designed for multiple functionalities. Using the reflective surface as a scrying mirror, writable/erasable surface using dry erase markers or hanging a necklace or medallion. It can lay flat or be attached to a base.



  • Sturdy Thick Acrylic Board
  • Measures 12"x13.25"
  • Magus Medallion Compatibility (Or any necklace with adjuster to hold in place)
  • Reflective Surface for Easy Scrying
  • Writable/Erasable Surface for Dry Erase Sigil Action
  • Lay Flat or Standing Design
  • Portable

For the full set, view our Lesser Key of Solomon Circle and Triangle bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Excellent exactly as described will be back!


The quality of the enochian tablets as well as everything was topnoch
The triangle of manifestation for Goetic Spirits was pretty good or will work better than my homemade one for the purpose i plan on useing it for it has feet and thou you can lay it flat to use it i feel looks way better slotted into its base made more for scry work rather than burning incese and such on top it as i normally do
The candle coasters are perfect and will definitely help with cleanup and protection from wax getting everywhere


It's just what I was hoping for!