Altar setup with various ritual tools. Goetic seals of Dantalion and the Pentacle of Solomon are propped up on a deer skull.

Amplify your Altar

Our carefully designed ritual tools and accessories will deepen your connection with spiritual entity communication.

And demons love shiny things.

So mote it be
  • Ceremonial magician kneeled at an Enochian altar with the Table of Practice and a Wax Sigillum Dei Aemeth in the center. On top of the Sigillum is a quartz pillar. At the four corners of the table are lit candles.

    Mastering the Primal Forces of the Universe 101

    So, you want to be a wizard. A mighty magus who can bend reality to your
    will with a simple thought or a wave of the hand. A sorcerer who
    footsteps cause the earth to shiver in both ecstasy and fear...

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  • Lesser Key of Solomon Summoning Circle with a candle inthe foreground. The circle is colored with a yellow circle, a spiraling snake of sectioned off colors and a red master square in the center. Around the red square are yellow and blue hexagrams.

    Goetia: Beginning Steps

    First, I want to say right up front that Goetic work is not for
    everyone. There are plenty of advanced practitioners who are very
    effective at what they do who never go anywhere near Goetia....

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  • A lit candle with a burning flame on an altar. The candle is imprinted with the words "Happy Summoning" with a pentacle beneath the letters.

    Pathways to Manifestation

    If you are a magickally inclined individual there are countless
    resources out there for you to use to find spell recipes, incantations,
    evocations, combinations of herbs and incense, amulets, talismans, the
    list goes on and on...

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From one Star to Another

Providing a modern solution for ritual tools for ceremonial and traditional magick - with these, every summoning is a Happy Summoning.

A human skull on an altar in between two lit candles. In front of the skull is an Enochian sigillum dei aemeth with various ritual tools on top.


We offer a consecration service for all of our ritual tools. Want to have that extra magickal juice for your tools - add on a consecration!

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Back in stock in new hard enamel.