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Custom Goetia Demon Sigil Candle

Custom Goetia Demon Sigil Candle

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Amplify your evocation rituals with a candle dedicated to the specific spirit you are working with. We currently feature spirits of the Goetia from the Lesser Key of Solomon but are able to do custom requests for your own sigils.





Paraffin wax


Colors are also chosen based on spirit rank and association. 


Please leave a note at checkout for which sigil you want for what option - Colors are pre-determined and can not be changed.

This listing is for a candle only and not any medallion or accessory.

Choose from the below list of Goetia Spirits.


1. Bael

2. Agares

3. Vassago

4. Samigina

5. Marbas

6. Valefor

7. Amon

8. Barbatos

9. Paimon

10. Buer

11. Gusion

12. Sitri

13. Beleth

14. Leraje

15. Eligos

16. Zepar

17. Botis

18. Bathin

19. Sallos

20. Purson

21. Marax

22. Ipos

23. Aim

24. Naberius

25. Glasya-Labolas

26. Bune

27. Ronove

28. Berith

29. Astaroth

30. Forneus

31. Foras

32. Asmoday

33. Gaap

34. Furfur

35. Marchosias

36. Stolas

37. Phenex

38. Halphas

39. Malphas

40. Raum

41. Focalor

42. Vepar

43. Sabnock

44. Shax

45. Vine

46. Bifrons

47. Vual

48. Haagenti

49. Crocell

50. Furcas

51. Balam

52. Alloces

53. Caim

54. Murmur

55. Orobas

56. Gremory

57. Ose

58. Amy

59. Orias

60. Vapula

61. Zagan

62. Valac

63. Andras

64. Haures

65. Andrealphus

66. Cimeies

67. Amduscias

68. Belial

69. Decarabia

70. Seere

71. Dantalion

72. Andromalius


Each design is hand transferred so some unique characteristics may occur between candles. Size of sigils or design may vary slightly. Candle burn time is approximately 45 hours. Candle base colors come in white.

Please place in proper holders to prevent wax overflow and spills.


Made to order: Please allow 3-5 days before shipping.

Custom Carved Candles are available on request.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

Love my candle so much!!


It's better than I imagined I set it on his altar but I love it so much I still haven't burned it


this candle is QUALITY and it delivered pretty fast like it only took a week and a couple days


Always a great experience ordering from this shop! I ordered 2 candles, and they came in perfect shape, very timely, and full of energy! Lady Lilith and King Asmodeus definitely approve! Highly recommend this shop and will continue to return! )O(


It's beautiful and exactly what I need