A Practical Application Magick and Goetia Project

A Practical Application Magick and Goetia Project

So on 2-2-19 I gave everyone a glimpse of what my own magickal practice with the Goetia is like. I want to expand on that a bit today, including some recent strategies I have used to get tangible results in the physical world, as well as the results of some of the recent work I have done in this direction.

Now, right off the bat I want to clear the air a little bit and deal with a few things up front. The way I work with the Goetia is different than the ways you will find in pretty much any published work on the subject. I know this is going to open me up to a lot of disdain from some of the traditionalists out there, but the guiding principle of magick for me has always been: do what gets results. Now, this is not to say that there is no value to be had in some of the books on the subject, many of these books are a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get started in a Goetic practice. However, like all magickal books in my opinion, they are the starting point, not the finish line.

Ultimately the goal with any ritual or practice is to internalize it in a form that resonates with the core of who you are, and use that magick in a way that corresponds with your personal divinity. If that means you need a girdle of lion skin to properly summon a Goetic spirit, then by all means feel free to pursue that path. If it means you need to be naked and in the middle of the woods at midnight, then go that route instead (though if you feel the need to practice ritual outdoors and in the nude I would recommend precautions like ensuring no playgrounds or schools are in the immediate vicinity. Or, you know, people in general.)

For my own practice I try to do one sizable working per week (which works out well for the purposes of a weekly blog). This can be anything from divination, to evocation, to money drawing, to anything else you can think of. Some of these things I do for personal growth, where the magick is less about the result and more about learning something new. Other things I do are intensely result focused.

So, as you are probably already aware, recently Goetic Impressions fully funded our first Kickstarter. I want to give a huge shout out to our backers, as well as everyone who helped spread the word about our project, each and every one of you guys are awesome! When Alara and I launched the Kickstarter we had no Facebook page, no website, no real occult social media presence at all, and it was unlikely we would be able to raise the $5000 needed to get started on this in 30 days.

We went ahead and launched anyway.

So aside from the mundane things we did to get the word out (Facebook, twitch.tv, Instagram, etc.) what was our magickal strategy to help push our odds in the right direction? Well, we attacked this from a few angles.

In addition to my regular daily exercises (Resh, banishing, meditation, etc) I also incorporated a brief success blessing, anointing myself with High John The Conqueror Oil and saying a brief prayer as I did so. In general I find working with prayer and oils has a good energy to results ratio. It takes very little time and energy to do a daily working like this, and I have had very good success with it in general. That being said, in this instance I felt like I was going to need to bring out the magickal big guns to get the results I was looking for.

One of the best tools in my magickal arsenal is the Goetia. I first started working with it when I was thirteen, which turned out to be a huge mistake, but also the beginning of my magickal journey. Even with all of the negative consequences of my early errors, I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything, because without them I never would have grown spiritually into the person I am today. So, naturally, when I want big results this is what I turn to.

As I have mentioned elsewhere Dantalion is my go to Goetic spirit. If you read his description in the books it mentions that he is good for love, reading minds, and changing thoughts, but what I have personally found is that Dantalion really boils down to influence and persuasion. Let's be honest, there are very few situations where having a few more people in your corner is a bad thing. Dantalion excels at making that happen, which is why I work so closely with him, he can almost always help get a result I am looking for in one form or another.

In an earlier post I went over a working I had done with Dantalion, but I omitted the specific requests I had made at the time. In a nutshell I was looking for a successful Kickstarter, but I can't just say that to Dantalion. Working with Goetic spirits you have to be careful how you ask for what you want, and what specifically you want the spirit to do. Some things they will do in a way you don't want. Some things if phrased too specifically they won't do at all. Some things are outside a spirit's power, and some things they just don't understand. Keep in mind, these are entities that exist in an entirely different plane of reality, they don't necessarily grasp concepts that seem simple to you or I. (For instance I, personally, have found that asking a Goetic spirit for a specific amount of money to manifest almost always invites failure. For some reason they have difficulty with concepts relating to abstract valuation of currency. On the other hand they are very good with objects. So if you needed money for car repairs, instead of focusing your energy on the amount of money needed for the repair, instead focus your request on having a fully operational and functioning vehicle.)

So for Dantalion what I asked for specifically was a flood of attention on the Kickstarter. I had him steer people toward it who would be interested in supporting it, and who would benefit from learning about and working with the Goetia. In exchange for this I gave him standard offerings of incense, and also a dry red wine and dark chocolate. (If you ever have an opportunity to work with Dantalion try dark chocolate as an offering, the results are excellent.)

So, now I would have people paying attention to the Kickstarter, but I felt like I needed a little extra push to put me over the finish line.

The second spirit I evoked was Seere. Seere is an excellent spirit to work with to manifest a specific result in a short period of time. In general he is not a spirit I like to use in isolation (the results tend to be more sketchy when used this way), but think of him more like rocket fuel to apply to workings you already have going on.

When I evoked Seere I focused on the desired result from the Kickstarter, but again not any specific amount of money, just that it would be successful. I told him what I had going on with the daily blessings and with Dantalion, and asked him to amplify the effects of each. In exchange I offered him incense and something of a *ahem* more personal nature. (Sex, okay? I offered him an energy sacrifice during sex.)

Ultimately the Kickstarter was successful, and obviously I have the backers directly to thank for that, but I am personally fairly certain that without the magick I threw at this we would not have gotten all of the backers and attention that we got.

So, I want to say thank you again, to all of our backers, to everyone who helped spread the word about our project, and also to Dantalion and Seere, for greasing the wheels behind the scenes. Stay awesome everyone!

As always if you have any questions or comments drop me a message.


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