A spirit pot with the seal of Dantalion on it.

Spirit Pots/Spirit Houses

So some people have been asking me about why we chose Dantalion for our initial set of medallions.

Dantalion is a spirit I have been working with closely for years, and the only spirit I have built a spirit pot for. A lot of people reading this probably have no idea what a spirit pot is, so I want to explain it briefly.

A spirit pot is a physical home for a spirit/entity/intelligence. By creating a spirit pot you allow a spirit a more direct route into the physical realm, allowing it greater influence over things around you. Obviously this carries risks as well as benefits. Allowing a spirit more powerful and direct access to you allows it to bring more powerful change and influence, both for good and for ill. It is important to choose a spirit very carefully when constructing a spirit pot, and to be very careful in negotiating with the spirit exactly what it will do for you, and what you will do for them in exchange.


For Dantalion's spirit pot I used an old Chambord bottle that I cleaned out thoroughly. I added graveyard dirt from the graves of a soldier, a pair of lovers buried next to each other, and a child (and left proper offerings for the dirt, of course). I also added dried rose petals, as well as various herbs and oils relating to love, influence, and persuasion.

On the outside of the bottle I placed a hand drawn seal for Dantalion, a purple ribbon with his name written on it in silver letters, and a chain that is attached to an alligator claw. The claw is used to hold various offerings (typically sticks of incense, dark chocolate, or dipped lightly in a goblet of wine).

I have had this spirit pot for nearly three years now, and I have done an extensive amount of work with Dantalion through it. Some of the things I have successfully used Dantalion for in that time are: Closing business deals, Persuading people to read and review my books, Finding work and having excellent interviews, and many other things. The most interesting piece of work I ever did with him was at a poker table at a casino, where I sent him to confuse and distract the other players. I sat down at that table with $60, and walked away an hour later with $350.

Each of the Goetic Spirits has an ocean of depth when it comes to what they can do and how their powers can be effectively used. What I wrote about here is only a small fraction of what just Dantalion can do.

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