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SATOR Square Medallion

SATOR Square Medallion

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One of the oldest known examples of a magickal word square, the SATOR square has been found etched into walls in the ruins of Pompeii. It has been used throughout history for a number of magickal operations including protection, extinguishing fires, and healing, as well as a number of other applications. Featuring the Chi Rho on the reverse side, this medallion is true to the original symbolism associated with these magickal symbols. Use this medallion to carry a little bit of magick with you, or simply use it to show off the rich history of this magickal square.


  • Hard Enamel
  • Measures 1.5"x1.5"
  • 3mm thick.
  • Gold Plated
  • Chi Rho symbol on reverse side


  • Magus Option - comes with a premium quality medallion with 30 inch cord string, and a Goetic Impressions box.
  • Adept Option - comes with a premium quality medallion, and a pouch for shipping.
  • Initiate Option - comes with a medallion with some minor to moderate defects and infill issues, and a  shipping pouch. These still look great and you get a sizable discount! 

Please handle with care - not a toy.

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Customer Reviews

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It's very beautiful


This is an exemplary quality item, that matched the description and exceeded expectations. The Seller is marvelous, gifted, and talented, and all these attributes are represented in their hand-made items, that they have created. Thank you.


An amazing little talisman! Feels very high quality and looks absolutely stunning! 11/10 would highly recommend.