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Leviathan Sigil Pendant

Leviathan Sigil Pendant

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Leviathan, a mighty sea serpent ruling the waters and the west representing chaos, life and creation, and all of the chthonic energies of the deeps and darkness. Like the world serpents in various traditions Leviathan will rise from the depths at the end of the world and play an integral role in the Apocalypse. The Leviathan Cross is also an alchemical symbol for sulfur or brimstone.


  • Hard Enamel
  • The reverse side of each Sigil medallion features the Latin phrase 'Potius quam ad Inferos regnabit in serve in Caelum' meaning, 'Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven'.
  • 2" (50.8 millimeters) in diameter
  • Brass
  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • 3mm thick.
  • Skull adjuster bead on Magus option.


This medallion comes in two different colors/plating finishes.

  • Gold plating with black and red enamel
  • Silver plating with black and blue enamel.


  1. Magus, comes with a premium quality medallion, 30 inch necklace, and a Goetic Impressions box.
  2. Adept, comes with a premium quality medallion, with minor to no issues, and a vinyl pouch for shipping.
  3. Initiate, comes with a medallion with some minor to moderate defects such as infill, plating, chip and scratch issues, and a vinyl shipping pouch. These still look great and come at a sizable discount!

Please handle with care - not a toy.

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Customer Reviews

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caleb m.
Hail Leviathan

lovely, and perfectly heavy. excellent service and craftsmanship.

Tiamat aka Copactli

Love this blue 🩵❤️‍🔥. In the Babylonian Enuma Elish, Tiamat is slain by Marduk. In Aztec mythology Copactli, the primeval crocodile bites off the foot of Tezcatlipoca. He then snaps her jaw off (AFRICA) and uses the rest of body to make the heavens and the Americas. Her head is South America, Mexico her neck, North America her torso, and Alaska her tail.

All of the maps are upside down. However we’re in The Underworld aka The Upside Down aka The Tuat aka Tachesert aka The Desert. We live on Tiamat aka Copactli aka Omorka aka Omoroka aka Leviathan aka America aka Babylon inside a hydrogen bubble dome.

Total Annular eclipse October 14. Total solar eclipse April 8, 2024. October 8, 2023 was exactly 88 days from April 8th aka Judgment Day. The opening of a new door way. 🤟🏾🙅🏾‍♂️♾️🐍🐉⚕️


5 stars review from Brandon


5 stars review from Belladonna


5 stars review via Star