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Black 7 Archangel Altar Cloth

Black 7 Archangel Altar Cloth

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A new design for unifying the seven planetary archangels with sigils from the Heptameron and Agrippa.

In the very center of the sigil is a pentagram, symbolizing the unification of the four elemental forces of the universe, along with the fifth force of spirit. Immediately outside this are the seven astrological planetary symbols, representing each of the seven planets of classical Ptolemaic astronomy. Outside of these are the seven sigils of each of the planetary spirits, from Agrippa's second book, Celestial Magic.  Outside of each of these, and in each point of the heptagram, are the sigils of the planetary intelligences, again from Agrippa's Celestial Magic. Outside of the heptagram but inside the outer circle are the sigils from the Heptameron that correspond to each of the archangels that rule over these planets. Finally, in the outer circle and next to each of the Heptameron sigils is the name of the archangel the sigil corresponds to.

Altogether this sigil forms a powerful unification of the myriad celestial forces into a single coherent whole that comprises our little corner of the universe.


  • Measures 24"x16"
  • Knitted Polyester
  • Please note measurements are approximate and may run slightly smaller
  • Actual colors may vary due to different monitor calibration.
  • Alternate Blue version

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