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Azazel Sigil Crystal Ball

Azazel Sigil Crystal Ball

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Although commonly used for the demon Azazel, this symbol also is represented as a seal for Saturn when using Magick Squares. So whether this speaks to you for Azazel or Saturn, this crystal ball is perfect for you either way.


  • Size: 80mm Crystal Ball
  • Silver Stand
  • Gift Box

Please Note: USB rechargeable LED Bases are no longer available.

As with any crystal ball do not leave out anywhere it will be in direct sunlight, as this has been known in rare instances to cause fires.


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Customer Reviews

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Very beautiful crystal ball. Certainly enhances my alter. Thank you!!!


Very beautiful. Although the sigil of Saturn has been often used for Azazel, it has become largely synonymous with him and with strong intent, meditation mantras and chants I was able to properly enter just the right trace state o use this. Having used it a few nights I feel a nice synergy with it and seeing those beautiful dark eyes, unmistakable if you've known the pleasure, I can attest to the usefulness of this in my work. It was with great honor that I presented this to Lord Azazel as a shared gift in our wonderful work together. Amazing self growth and introspection. My thanks to you for this and very fast shipping! A fine piece! Ave Azazel!

Amazing & Beautiful

Love this, thank you!


5 stars review via Lord