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Astaroth Crystal Ball

Astaroth Crystal Ball

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The ideal crystal ball to complement your Astaroth altar, or for scrying use in your goetic rituals, this crystal ball is a beautiful addition to the arsenal of any practicing magician.


  • Size: 80mm Crystal Ball
  • Silver Stand
  • Gift Box

Please Note: USB rechargeable LED Bases are no longer available for purchase.

As with any crystal ball do not leave out anywhere it will be in direct sunlight, as this has been known in rare instances to cause fires.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

SO lovely!!! We were thrilled to see these in the shop, and when it arrived, it was even more beautiful than the photos convey - so glad we purchased this one!
Thank you!


5 stars review via Katie

Seven S.S.

awesome, gorgeous, always good products from this merchant with fast shipping. thanks!

Hydra M.

Loved the piece and it shipped SUPER fast.

C.D. W.
Better than expected

It arrived in excellent condition. Very nice quality, and includes a handsome black storage container.
Due to the nature of crystal, even professional photographs are not able to capture the likeness of these.
I wasn't sure if this was going to be tasteful, to loud, or "just not right"... but I was very impressed.
Top notch packaging, nothing left to rattle around and defile other objects, everything was tastefully done - not ostentatious, simple black understated quality.
The storage box. I really didn't expect such attention to detail, or something so practical and nice. This is well made with a fitted Styrofoam cradle, wrapped in black satin, the top is padded too. The Exterior of the box seems like a very good quality cardboard (or vinyl?) all in a nice clean black. The top even has a magnetic closure on the flap. This is not just something to get it to you, this is a proper storage container.
So very happy with this. Very tasteful.