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Archangel Cassiel Sigil Pendant

Archangel Cassiel Sigil Pendant

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The Archangel of Saturn and ruling over Saturday, Cassiel features their sigil from the Heptameron on the front, as well as their name. To honor Saturn the medallion is infilled with dark grey and black hard enamel. On the back is the astrological sign of Saturn and the zodiac signs for Aquarius and Capricorn, both inside a triangle whose three points correspond to the number three for Saturn. While there is no heaven assigned to Cassiel in the main text of the Heptameron a footnote does ascribe Cassiel to the seventh and holiest of heavens, Araboth, which is written in the circle outside the triangle.

 Of Cassiel and the other spirits of Saturday the Heptameron says the following; "The Spirits of the Air of Saturday are subject to the Southwest-winde: the nature of them is to sow discordes, hatred, evil thoughts and cogitations; to give lead freely, to slay and kill every one, and to lame or maim every member."


  • Hard Enamel
  • The reverse side of each Sigil medallion features the planetary astrological sign, the corresponding zodiacal sign(s), the name of the heaven associated with each angel, and the corresponding geometrical sign using Agrippa's attributions.
  • 2" (50.8 millimeters) in diameter
  • Brass
  • Gold Plated
  • 3mm thick.
  • Adjuster bead on Magus option.


  1. Magus, comes with a premium quality medallion, 30 inch necklace, and a Goetic Impressions box.
  2. Adept, comes with a premium quality medallion, with minor to no issues, and a vinyl pouch for shipping.
  3. Initiate, comes with a medallion with some minor to moderate defects such as infill, plating, chip and scratch issues, and a vinyl shipping pouch. These still look great and come at a sizable discount!

Please handle with care - not a toy.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful medallion well crafted and not only weighty. You can tell it's been consecrated. Arrived super fast.


This is an excellent quality item that matched the description and met expectations. It was well wrapped and arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. This is a wonderful seller, and the item is well crafted with attention to detail. Thank you for the honor of being able to purchase items from your shop. Thank you.