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Upcoming Kickstarter: Planetary Angels of the Heptameron

I am really proud to be able to talk to all of you lovely magical people about Goetic Impressions latest project. Since we launched our first Kickstarter almost exactly two years ago people have asked us consistently about when we would do an angelic project. While we did launch an Enochian line several months back, we have not had a chance to tackle angels specifically, until now. 

In several days we will be launching our Archangel Medallion Kickstarter. Our medallions are made using the Heptameron as a base (as so many of you asked for Heptameron based tools), and we have integrated some elements from Agrippa’s second book Celestial Magic into the medallions as well.

The primary rewards for the Kickstarter will be the seven medallions for the seven Archangels associated with the primary astrological planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. On the front of each medallion is the sigil of each angel from the Heptameron, as well as the angel’s name in the outside perimeter. On the reverse side is additional information from the Heptameron, the heaven associated with that angel, the astrological symbol for the planet the angel represents, and the zodiac signs that align with the angel. Additionally, using Agrippa’s Celestial Magic the associated geometrical star corresponding to the number of the planet is inlaid in the back.

Each medallion is made of brass and gold plated, and has black hard enamel as well as enamel of the color associated with the planet and angel the medallion is for. For instance Anael is the angel of Venus and features green hard enamel to represent the essence of Venus.

We have tried to be as true as possible to the methodology laid out in the Heptameron when designing these medallions, within the limitations provided by our design and creation process for our medallions. We wanted these to be as appropriate as possible for working with angelic magick, while being affordable to general practitioners and novices alike. As with all our projects we aim for our products to be accessible to everyone and to remove cost as a barrier to entry for people wanting to experiment with the systems laid out in classic grimoires.

In addition to the medallions themselves we have a few exciting stretch goals that will be unveiled when we reach certain milestones in the campaign. The first two are alternate plating options for Anael (copper for Venus) and Gabriel (silver for the Moon). Follow the Kickstarter as it runs to see the rest as they are revealed!

We are really excited about this project as it has been a long time coming, and hope all of you get as much out of using these medallions as we did out of creating them!


Thank you all for your support, and as always Happy Summoning!

~Ben, from Goetic Impressions


This Kickstarter was successfully funded and the medallions and other tools are available for purchase.

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Happy Summoning, You guys put your heart in your projects. I love your work. Count me in your Planetary Angels of the Heptameron project.


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