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Tarot in Goetic Work and Readings!

So today I want to talk a little bit about something none of you have ever heard of before: Tarot cards. (Calm down, I'm kidding, I know you guys have heard of this before.) Very few divination methods have the history and symbolism that is inherent in Tarot, and the symbols and associations of the cards have uses for multiple forms of magick beyond simple divination. I'm not really going to go into the history of Tarot, because that has been covered extensively elsewhere and I am far from an expert, but I did want to touch on the applications for Tarot in work with Goetic spirits.

One of the biggest hang ups when doing Goetic work is actually communicating with the spirit in a way where you can get a clear and intelligible response. Short of a full on visual manifestation of the spirit, or very clear and powerful mental communication, a lot of the information the spirit may attempt to convey to you becomes 'lost in translation' so to speak. There are methods to get around this, Ouija boards, pendulums, and several others, but I have found that Goetic spirits can communicate very well through Tarot, provided you have some experience interpreting the cards.

Additionally Tarot cards are an ideal pre-ritual divination tool to gain insight on what you are trying to accomplish through the ritual and the chances for success. Doing a spread prior to any evocation can warn you about potential pitfalls in your ritual setup (did you double check your hourly correspondences? is there anything bleeding energy into your Work space that might interfere with your ritual?) and can also help you to potentially tweak what you are looking for from the spirit by alerting you to potential outcomes you may not have previously considered.

Post ritual Tarot can be an excellent follow up method for double checking on your results and see if anything might be interfering with the manifestation of your magick. Sometimes outside forces have changed or altered the situation and additional instructions for the spirit are needed. Sometimes people even find themselves doing tiny things to sabotage their own magick after a Working. Whatever the case a Tarot reading can help alert you to new obstacles and help you to overcome them when making your Will manifest.

I also have to confess there is a secondary reason I am talking about Tarot today. Tarot readings are now available on the Goetic Impressions Etsy store! You can find the listing here, along with a link to a sample reading.

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As always if you just want to bounce any ideas off me or get any advice about working with the Goetic spirits you can shoot me a message on any platform or send me an email, I am always happy to be a resource to anyone!

~Ben, from Goetic Impressions


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