Ritual Report - Dantalion - 2/2/19

Ritual Report - Dantalion - 2/2/19

So this morning I got up at the crack of dawn to do some work with Dantalion.

Like always when I do Goetic work this actually started three days ago, with me drawing the sigil by hand several times and just sending out a mental call to the spirit, letting it know the time and place I would be calling it up. (I find this a much more polite method than just barging into a summoning, which I feel is roughly akin to a telemarketer, calling at dinner time. By letting the spirit know several days in advance you plan on calling it, you allow a much less confrontational experience.)

Before I start any ritual of this sort I start with a ritual bath and an anointing of an appropriate oil. During the bath I perform some preliminary banishing, and do the setup energy and centering exercises. Afterward I put on my ritual robes (these are typically the same ones you can see in some of the photos on this page), and enter the temple space I have set up in advance.

I start with a banishing and a Bornless One invocation and then move on to the actual evocation of the spirit itself. The evocation itself went very well, I got a partial physical manifestation of the spirit, and several really interesting light and candle effects that I was not actively looking for. It lasted for about 45 minutes before I ultimately dismissed the spirit and finished the end of ritual banishings and cleansings.

Offerings I used during the ritual were Incense (Cedar) and wine (a really dry Red wine, which I personally hate but has gotten really positive reactions from Dantalion in the past).

In a few weeks I will follow up with a results post to let you know what kind of results I got from my requests.

Any questions of comments? Let me know below!

(Note: there are some things about the ritual I am not revealing right now. Notably the evocation I used, which is part of my kickstarter rewards, and the specific things I asked for, which I have been cautioned against revealing until after an appropriate amount of time has passed to allow them the potential to manifest. In this case roughly two weeks.)

A necklace with the seal of Dantalion hanging from it with a skull in the background.
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