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Practical Application: Two Easy Magickal Workplace Hacks

Work. We all have to do it in one form or another. Some people are lucky enough to work in a place that values their contributions and where they interact positively with all of their coworkers and customers. Some people are treated miserably by their boss, constantly passed over for a raise, and in general dread waking up each morning and getting in to the office (or kitchen, or factory, or warehouse, or wherever you find yourself employed.)

I don't know who out there might need these, but here are a few easy Magickal workplace spells and tricks that might help push your workplace experience from miserable to tolerable. (Or perhaps even all the way up to enjoyable.)

1: Flower Alchemy

Alchemy is the Magickal act of transforming one thing into another thing. In this relatively simple spell we are going to transform a negative aspect of the workplace into something more positive.

Step One: Gather some dirt from outside your workplace. The dirt should be as close as possible to the place where you enter the building every day, or maybe from the flower bed right outside your bosses window. You can be a little creative with this, but the idea is the dirt forms a Magickal link back to the place where it came from, so you want it to be as closely associated with the place you work as possible. If you can't find any dirt like I said, get creative. I have gathered dirt before from a clump of grass growing in a crack in the parking lot, or taken a handful of pebbles from right outside a warehouse door. Don't get too hung up on it, the idea is just to be able to form a Magickal link back to the workplace.

Step Two: Choose a negative aspect of your work environment that you want to transform. You don't need to get too specific, but it could be something like not making enough money, or not having the respect of your clients or coworkers. Then, find a flower that symbolically represents the positive thing you are looking to transform those negative aspects into. For instance for respect you might choose a Daffodil, which symbolizes respect and admiration.

Step Three: Do a little research on how the flower you picked out grows, what it needs to thrive and the best ways to care for it. This is important, since you are going to tie this flower into your spell. You don't want it to immediately die and make things worse.

Step Four: Get the seeds or a juvenile flower of the type you picked out. For the most part this should be fairly easy, especially as we are moving into full fledged spring. If you picked an obscure flower that you can't find anywhere, choose a different one with a similar meaning. There is so much symbolism around flowers and many are super common, so you should not have too difficult a time finding a common flower that fits your needs.

Step Five: Plant the seeds (or juvenile flower) in a mix of good potting soil, and the dirt you gathered from your workplace. As you do visualize your workplace and the change you want to see happen there, you could invoke a particular spirit or deity if you want, but really the act of visualization and the physical work you are doing by planting the flower is enough to form the Magickal link you are working to create.

Step Six: Take care of the plant! Your spell is not quite finished, now you have to make sure you care for and nurture the plant and the energy you are putting out into the universe. As the plant grows and spreads its roots it will pull sustenance from the negative energy in the soil you gathered and transform it into something beautiful instead.

Step Seven: Inevitably the flower will eventually die. When that happens you can plant a new one, or gather new soil and start over. If you researched your choice of flower well you might be able to enjoy it for some time before this happens. Regardless if your work environment starts to relapse with the death of your flower then thank the flower for the Magickal help it gave you and dispose of it respectfully before starting over again at step one.

2. Anointing Oil

This is something most people who have any sort of Magickal background are already familiar with, but most do not apply it to everyday situations like work, when it can do quite a bit toward resolving a negative situation.

Here's a simple way to use anointing oils to create a change in your work environment.

Step One: Identify the change you want to make. Again this can be just about anything, but try not to go too specific. Broad concepts are easier to apply this to than one specific person doing one specific thing you dislike. (For instance if Karen keeps eating food loudly at her desk you probably don't want to try to focus on Karen changing that one behavior, but instead trying to create a more considerate work environment on the whole.) Common things to pick are likely again money, coworker or client respect, etc.

Step Two: Pick a Magickal Oil associated with the thing you want to change. Popular picks would likely be things like Money Drawing, or High John The Conqueror, or Leave Me Alone. (Note: do not use oils like Hotfoot or Bend Over for this particular method. You will be applying the oil to yourself and certain oil can have negative consequences when used improperly. Always do your research first.)

Step Three: Anoint yourself with the oil. Try to do this either just before you go into work, or while at work before the situation you are trying to transform will arise. (For instance right before a job performance evaluation or a conference call.) Say something Magickally appropriate that represents the energy you are trying to harness. For instance when I apply High John The Conqueror to myself I will say 'Thus, do I conquer.' Try to infuse the words with as much force and energy as you can, don't say them as though you are unsure or don't have any faith that it will work. Be confident, and 90% of the battle is already won.

When anointing yourself there is a variety of methods you can use, the one I personally employ is to put a little oil on my forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger, and place all three fingers together between my eyebrows, then push them up toward the top of my head, moving them apart as I do. Most of these oils also have a pleasant smell that lasts for around an hour, so this will also help generally to boost your mood at work, just by introducing a little extra bit of pleasantness.

Happy spell slinging!

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