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Let Success Be Thy Proof: Bune Working

So I know I said last week that the next blog post was going to be on weirdness in Goetic evocations, however just yesterday I had some pretty strong results from some magick I have been manifesting, and I thought it would be worth sharing right away. (The weirdness in Goetic Evocation post is still going to happen, but it will be pushed back slightly.)

So to tell this tale properly I am going to have to take you, dear reader, on a journey back in time, but only by a month. The date is December 21st 2019. The Winter Solstice. The place: Thelesis Oasis, where me and my siblings were about to perform a series of workings for wealth and prosperity in the New Year.

Many things happened that evening, revelry and fraternity chief among them, but the salient bits for our current story involve some gris-gris bags, and a performance of Liber Israfil, followed by some energy work to charge the gris-gris bags. Each gris-gris bag was made with three elements to draw wealth, and each included a Jupiterian Tzadkiel talisman that had been charged earlier in the day (by yours truly.) My siblings did an excellent job conducting the ritual and charging the bags that we had collectively made, and everyone had an excellent evening of magick and fellowship.

A plate of High John the Conquerer root on an altar.

Fast forward two weeks into the New Year. With the start of 2020 I set a number of goals to accomplish before the end of the year. (Note: these are not ‘New Year’s resolutions,’ these are serious goals that I set for myself, and targets to hit, throughout the year, not just things to do for a week or two and then forget.) One of these goals was a weekly income target, as well as a total target for the year. When I set a goal, I take it seriously. This means taking practical physical steps to ensure that the goal comes to fruition, as well as mystical steps.

To this end, I prepared a Bune evocation.

Goetic Evocation ritual circle and triangle set up with candles lit on each side

The evocation itself went smoothly. This is not the first time I have worked with Bune, however the majority of the other times have been for a ‘one and done’ sort of working (getting a kickstarter funded, helping a client find a new job, etc.) This working was going to be a little different. During the evocation I laid out my financial goals for the year to Bune. I presented my weekly income goals, as well as the target for the year. Bune agreed to help, on the condition that each week I hit the targets I would be presenting offerings to Bune in the form of incense, energy, and public praise for the results. I would also have to set up a dedicated space on my main altar for Bune, in which these offerings could be presented.

An altar dedicated to Bune

The first week after this went pretty smooth. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and the bi-monthly paycheck I got from work was fine by itself to hit the weekly target. (Yes, I hold a full time job in addition to all of my side projects.) I did the offerings for Bune I had promised on the date I had promised to do them, and called it a week.

Now, I only get paid bi-monthly at work. That means every other week I don’t have a primary source of income to hit the weekly goals (though I do have other smaller income streams). So, there was not an easy or ‘reasonable’ method for me to hit the goal for last week. However, some of my friends had planned a trip to Parx casino, and I decided I would join them and play a few hands at a poker table, just to see what happened.

I wore a red fire element pin, and did a brief working involving the essence of the element of fire (passion, impulsiveness, hotheadedness, etc.) The working was designed to affect those that saw the pin, rather than me, the one wearing it. For the first time since the Winter Solstice event at Thelesis, I also wore the wealth gris-gris that I had made. I sat down at the poker table with two hundred dollars in chips.

Fire elemental pin

Less than two hours later I left the table with $1082 in cash. Combined with some sales on Etsy and some help from a friend who was vending some of our pins, this was enough to hit the goal I had set with Bune for the week.

Now, some of you may be skeptical of what happened here. You may be tempted to attribute my winnings to luck, or skill, or whatever else. I get it. Believe me, I do. However, the fact of the matter is this: I did the magick, and then the results happened. I have no need to convince you of any metaphysical mumbo jumbo, the point of this post is largely to fulfill my obligation to Bune, and not to try to change the minds of any skeptics out there.

As the adage goes: Let success be thy proof.

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