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Enochian Tools Kickstarter Sneak Peak!

In one week our Enochian Tools Kickstarter will be live! We are super excited to be launching this one, and there are a lot of exciting things to show you! I wanted to take a minute to walk everyone through what exactly we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Why Enochian, anyway?

There are a bunch of reasons we decided on Enochian as our next big project. The first (and most significant for us) is there is honestly not a really good reputable supplier of Enochian ritual tools out there already who can 1). supply high quality items and 2). can do so for a relatively inexpensive price. Like so many of the ceremonial magick tools out there practitioners basically have a choice between cheap and low quality items super expensive hand crafted items, or doing it themselves.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of those options, we felt like there was something missing that a lot of people really want: a middle option, where you can get a well made magickal tool you can feel really good about, for a price that is affordable for everybody.

On a more personal level, Enochian felt like a really good next step after launching our Goetic Medallion project last year. It is a complex and robust system, with a lot of different tools that form an integral part of the magick being worked, and as such it is difficult for many people to access, even though they might really want to. While there is no direct link between Enochian and Goetic magick, they do almost feel like opposite sides of a coin, one dealing with 'demons' and the other working with 'angels'.

Primary Kickstarter Objectives:

Forming the core of our Kickstarter are several critical Enochian tools, that we hope to make available to all of our backers. These are either the most important tools for accessing the system, or the ones we can do most cost effectively. (We also have several additional items planned as stretch goals if we exceed the costs needed to produce the initial items we have planned.)

Please note all designs here are subject to change before the end of the Kickstarter. We are going to be as true to these images as possible, however there may be some slight variance in some of the items due to physical production limitations.

Sigillum Dei Ameth

This was the first item we crafted, which sort of set the rest of this project into motion. For our Sigillums we are using paraffin wax, as opposed to beeswax. Beeswax is much less durable than paraffin, and will suffer more damage and distortion over time. It is also quite a bit more expensive to work with, and in the interests of creating high quality items as inexpensively as possible, we decided paraffin was the way to go.

It is also worth noting that when John Dee and Edward Kelley were receiving instructions on Enochian from the angels, paraffin wax did not yet exist! it was not invented until 1850, nearly three hundred years later! While I cannot say with any confidence that the angels would have instructed Dee and Kelley to use paraffin wax instead if it had existed then, I can say that it seems to work perfectly well within the system from my own personal experience, and I am confident that our Sigillums will fulfill their ritual purposes without any issues.

In the Enochian system five Sigillums are used. A central one, nine inches in diameter, which is placed in the middle of the table of practice, and upon which is placed the 'shewstone' where the angelic visions are meant to appear.

Under each leg of the table of practice is another, smaller Sigillum, four inches in diameter. We do not recommend placing the legs of a table directly on the wax Sigillums, instead place the Sigillums into a sturdy box (made of wood or some other durable material) and place the legs of the table on each of the boxes.

Holy Table of Practice

The Holy Table of practice is another key component to the Enochian magick system. This is one of the most prohibitive items in the Enochian system to actually purchase or make, and people selling them range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. We decided to get creative with this, in order to figure out a way to bring the system to your living room, without you having to spend thousands of dollars on a new table.

We ended up with a table covering, made of canvas vinyl, with the requisite Enochian printed on it. This is a simple solution which can convert any table into a Holy Table of Practice with ease, and can be put away once your ritual is finished without any extra difficulty. We are offering this table covering in both black and white, as well as in color.

One of these options may end up being a stretch goal, but for right now I think we can offer a choice to our backers between these two without any extra funding goals.

Enochian Lamen

The Lamen is worn on the chest during the ritual, and it ties the operating magician to the Holy Table of Practice. Our base option for the Lamen will be gold plated, and will have a pair of loops designed to rest comfortably on a ribbon or chain worn about the neck.

Elemental Watchtower Tablets

The final core part of our project is the four Elemental Watchtower Tablets. These will be gold plated tablets, with hard enamel infilled. Each of the tablets will carry the sign of the corresponding watchtower laser engraved on the back.

Each of these tablets will come in a black velvet bag, however we have plans to upgrade the bags as a stretch goal. More on that below.

Stretch Goals!

There are a bunch of additional Enochian items we hope to be able to bring you, if we can secured enough funds to produce them. I want to walk you through a few of the things we have planned, if we can get the project to these levels.

The first thing we want to do is an alternate option for the Lamen, with hard enamel, to match the colors on the full color Holy Table of Practice.

We also want to do a gold plated, hard enamel tablet of unity, in the same style as our watchtower tablets.

We will have an alternate set of velvet bags as a stretch goal for the Watchtower tablets. Each of these velvet bags will be in the color associated with the element of the tablet, and will have the symbol for the watchtower embroidered on the bag. (We might possibly opt for screen printed bags instead, but at this time we are leaning toward embroidery.)

We want to do a series of wall tapestries, one for each of the watchtower tables, and one for the entire table. The individual Watchtowers will be one foot by two feet for the tapestry, and the entire Enochian table will be two feet by three feet.

We will be offering the P-E-L-E ring as a stretch goal.

And last, but certainly not least, we will be producing clear crystal balls, with the Table of Unity laser engraved in the center. These will serve as 'shewstones' to be placed on the center of the Sigillum.

To be notified when the Kickstarter officially launches you can click here and then click on the 'notify me' button.

With your help we are looking forward to bringing our unique vision of these ritual tools to the world!

~Ben, from Goetic Impressions


This Kickstarter has been ultimately funded and the Enochian Ritual Tools are avaiable for purchase here.

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