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2-9-19 Working Report

So earlier this week I had someone approach me for a little bit of help with a problem. Let me preface by saying that this individual (we are just going to call them 'X' going forward) knows me decently well, but is not into supernatural or paranormal phenomena (it freaks them out a little bit). X is familiar with my background, and know about a small part of the things I do, so they thought I would be a good person to reach out to.

A while ago X had a dream that really stuck in their mind. In the dream they were in their bed, paralyzed or unable to move, while a 'freaky demon woman with black hair' was either eating bits of their flesh or drinking their blood. In the dream the woman wrote a series of letters in the air, which X remembers vividly, and believed that it was the name of the woman in the dream.

As you can image X found this experience more than a bit disturbing, and when the dream didn't fade with time (as dreams often do) X approached me to see if maybe I could offer any perspective on their experience. Curious, I decided to look into it and see what I found.


To start I spent some time researching the words that X remembered. Between the words themselves (which I have been asked not to share), and what I found with some pendulum work, I was led to the legend of Ravana and the Raksasha. This was completely unfamiliar territory for me. Most of the traditions I work with are centered on Egyptian, Kabalistic, or Shamanistic traditions. I have never done any ritual work involving an entity with Hindu roots. Because of my lack of specific knowledge in this area, I needed to do more research before attempting to go any further.

I spent some time becoming acquainted with the central figures in the Ramayana, as well as where various gods and demons owed allegiance and who they would be compelled to answer to. The Raksasha, by and large, owe their allegiance to Ravana, who in turn is a devotee of Shiva. Before I even tried to attempt to do any work in this arena I needed to build some authority by which I could command or compel the entity that had appeared to X.

I found a series of devotional prayers and petitions for blessing from Shiva, which I made into a mantra to recite. After I felt a sufficient link had been established I explained what I was going to try to do, and asked for him to lend his aid to my task.

The Ritual:

I prepared a relatively standard circle, but consecrated it in the name of Shiva, instead of IAO (as I typically do). I lit my candles and incense, and did a preliminary banishing and centering exercise. I lit my candles and incense and commanded the spirit to appear in my scrying mirror (I will make another post at some point explaining how to make one of these) in the name of Ravana and Shiva. When I used the name that had been revealed to X in their dream the spirit appeared almost instantly, and I could make out features nearly identical to the ones that had been described to me in the dream.

Immediately I got a strong sense of malevolence rolling off of the mirror, so I commanded the spirit to quit it (I used slightly more magical words than that), after which the feeling decreased to one of annoyed hostility. I asked the spirit why it had appeared to X, and through a combination of Tarot cards and a pendulum it told me that it had been sent by someone over an unresolved issue of money. I questioned it further, but I won't go into specifics so as to protect the privacy of X.

After the Q&A I asked the spirit for a symbol that I could use to call it in the future. At first the spirit was reluctant, but after mentioning Shiva again it showed me a seal, which I copied down. I then instructed the spirit that it was to leave X alone in the future, and should not bother X again under any circumstances. I directed energy at the bond I felt between the spirit and the person who had sent it after X until the bond broke.

Still feeling hostility from the spirit I asked it what an appropriate offering would be to appease it. Unsurprisingly the spirit asked for 'a mountain of flesh and an ocean of blood'. I did my best to visualize this as vividly as possible for the spirit, putting as much energy as I could into manifesting the offering in a way that the spirit would actually be able to enjoy it. (This was not a super fun visualization by the way. I did my best to imagine this as accurately as possible, including the rotting stench and buzzing hordes of flies and millions of writhing maggots. Not pleasant.)

After this, and another stick of incense lit in the name of the spirit, I felt the level of hostility greatly decrease., to a point where I wouldn't feel the need to look over my shoulder for the next few days waiting for the spirit to try to murder me. I thanked the spirit for its time, and bid it to depart in peace in the name of Shiva.

After that I did a series of banishings and cleanings, because the spirit had felt downright vile when it first appeared. I know a lot of people have said that you don't want to banish right after dismissing a spirit because its like slamming the door shut right behind a leaving house guest, but you also don't want to take any chances with a spirit like that. So I did my banishings, etiquette be damned, and I feel a lot better for having done them.


Too early to know the results just yet. I will keep you posted on if X has any more difficulties with this particular entity, or if any issues from it arise in the future around myself or anyone in contact with me.

Overall it felt like a success to me, but I haven't tried to call the spirit up again using its seal (I am honestly not sure if I ever will, let me say it again this was not a pleasant entity to deal with) and it is still too early to know if it will bother X again. At the very least the operation broadened my own horizons by making me work within a new tradition I was entirely unfamiliar with. I will post again in a few months with more detailed results.

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