Custom Lesser Key of Solomon Summoning Ritual PDF

Lesser Key of Solomon Custom Summoning Ritual

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A digital PDF copy of my personal Goetic evocation ritual. This is a ritual that I have designed to be less 'abrasive' than the more traditional medieval ritual found in the Lesser Key Of Solomon. It is fully tested, and has layers upon layers of built in safeguards, but personally I have found that it yields much better results than the constant threats in the older texts. As the old maxim goes - you catch more flies with honey! I have been using this and other evocation rituals to work with the spirits in the Lesser Key of Solomon for nearly two decades, and of the rituals I have worked with this system has proven to be safe and effective, more so than several others I have experimented with in the past.


As with everything else metaphysical I am legally required to state that this ritual is for entertainment purposes only and that magical results are not implied or guaranteed. We are not responsible for consequences (good or bad) from your actions. If medical problems arise contact a licensed medical or mental health professional.

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